Just got in Vegas…

Hello My friends

Just got in Vegas today for the PBR World Finals. I have being coming to this city for the last 18 years but this year (as last year) I come only as PBR fan.

Once I am not riding anymore (unfortunately), I will be able to watch this amazing race to the World Title.

I know exactly what the top riders are feeling, I know exactly what the riders that don’t have a chance to win the world title are feeling – I have being there so many times – but one thing I have to say; These guys are my heroes. Being able to ride all year long, some times with injuries , times when you are in slump and is up to you to get out of it, being able to make to the World Finals it is a “Big Deal”.

I want to congratulate the 40 riders that made to Las Vegas this year, and you can count with my prayers and I will be there to cheering you all.

To Austin, JB, Renato and Valdiron; it is just amazing what you have done this year. Have a great finals because for sure we are going to have a great show!

Adriano Moraes

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I am leaving to New Mexico…

Today I am leaving to New Mexico to do one more Bull Riding School. It is
amazing how much I like to teach others what I was able to do so well and
brought me so much happiness.

When I teach bull riding I put my soul into it. I know what an important
role I have in the lives of my students during the school and I take
responsibility for it.

I know I am not perfect and I have to get better always, but one thing I
can assure you : I give 100% all the time.

During these 3 days of my school, my students will get the best of me. The
best of the 3 time world champion and the best of the man Adriano Moraes.

Let me tell you one thing: It doesn¹t matter what you do, you have to put
100% effort in everything. You have to give yourself 100% always.

Nothing is easy, most of the time is 10% of inspiration and 90% of
perspiration, but if you give yourself 100% in what you are doing, I can
guarantee you, the results will be greater then you expect.

Making the right decisions

One thing that I always try to do in my life is make the right decisions.

It doesn’t matter if it is a big deal or a very simple choice that I have to make, I always try to do right.

I always tried to do my best. Mistakes are inevitable in life, poor choices happens pretty often sometimes, but the wiliness to do right and the motivatition to believe that if we try our best the chance to do right are greater, that what makes a huge difference in our lives.

It can be the bull a rider pick on the draft, the kind of boot you buy, the college you chose , the house you buy ….. Remember, if you are willing to do right and take the necessary steps towards your decisions, you have a great chance to benefit from your decision.


Kody Lostroh has hired a coach to help him with his mental game. His decision is not getting the “negative” attention that Adriano got in New York (January 2007) when he said on TV that he was seeking help from a sports psychologist. Back them, some of the bull riders made fun of Adriano (on TV) for seeking help.

Adriano started talking about coaching right before he did what no one thought he could do, fighting the “mental game” to overcome the pain and adversity of his 36 yr old body and win his 3rd World Title. Adriano was ahead of his time in his thinking and yet was not afraid to be made fun of for doing whatever it takes to stay competitive in a young man’s sport. As a champion, he knows if there is a weakness it has to be dealt with in order to keep the confidence level high enough to ride the rank bulls of the PBR. He knows the value of seeking guidance to remain competitive and he is humble enough to do so.

Adriano was one of the first bull riders to see the value of being in the gym and using a sports trainer to keep his mind and body connected and as fit as possible. Now, look how many riders are doing the same and admitting it as well.

Adriano believes a rider can not rely only on his talent or the strength of youth. With the help of a coach not only can a rider get better but his riding can also be more consistent. He can prevent and correct the mistakes right way with the help of a coach’s knowledge who is looking from the outside in.

On the other hand, a coach should adapt his approach based on the athlete’s skills, necessities and personalities, being a good teacher and a careful observer. Adriano believes to be able to reach your full potential not only as a bull rider but as a person, you need to be balanced in all 3 aspects of your life: Mental, Physical and Spiritual. For Adriano a good coach would be able to help propel you into all areas of success.

What do you think about coaching in the sport of bull riding?


PBR World Cup Teams

Compared to the other teams in the World Cup this year, the Brazilian team seems to have the strength in not only having great riders but have a loyalty to their Captain, Adriano Moraes.

The Canadian Team has a strong Captain in Cody Snyder but they are not getting all of their rider’s back they had last year. We do have to agree they always perform well as a team.

The USA team with JW Hart, just has not shaped the team as well this year. They do have JB Mauney, who is 3rd in the world, and we know always puts out in his rides 100% along with Zack Brown. They just do not seem to be organized like they were last year.

Rocky McDonald the Captain for the Mexico Team should do an outstanding job this year. He has some bull riders on his team that are new for us to watch this year and Troy Dunn knows bull riding and has a lot of new bull riders also.

Nonetheless, it is going to be a great World Cup this year and we are certainly looking forward to it.

A good Bull Rider

To be a good bull rider, does a guy need to be born with the ability or can he be taught bull riding even if he does not have the natural ability?
Have you known of a great bull rider that started from an environment and life style completely alien from the western and cowboy life and just decided that one day “I am going to be a bull rider” and became one?


Top Bull Rider

Do you think it is good for the top bull riders to go to challenger events on the off days of the BFTS or do you think they should go only to the BFTS events and rest during the breaks?
Several bull riders have gotten hurt but some people say the more bulls you ride between the events the better you ride.